Everlasting Flowers

Bringing the garden inside for winter has long been a human passion. Long ago our ancestors brought holly and evergreen boughs into their dwellings in order to live with the energy and spirit of the forest. We still do this during the time of winter solstice.

Bundles of herbs, grasses, seedpods, and flowers can simply be hung upside down in a dark place to dry, but there are a few other easy methods to consider as well. You have no doubt heard of sand or silica gel in which flowers can be preserved perfectly. An acquaintance of mine discovered that plain, old clay kitty litter beats either hands down. You need only a shoebox, the bottom of which is covered with kitty litter. You must carefully work the litter between the petals and leaves and place them head down on the layer while filling around them as you go until completely covered. Tape the box lid in place and store for two or three weeks in a warm, dry place. Once dry remove the flowers or foliage carefully and with the same care add stem wire as needed.

Should you want your everlasting herbs, flowers, and grasses to be suppler stand them in 2-3 inches of glycerin and water for 4 or 5 days. Mix one part of glycerin to two parts of hot water. When the specimens have changed color they should be done.

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