Expanding Our Horizons

“Grape, Pea and Mustard” was the last of nine gardens that combined common edibles as companions to each others’ lives. We have learned that there are twenty herbs absolutely essential to the health of any vegetable garden. This short list is a microcosm of the critical need for biodiversity. With it we have succeeded in enticing dozens of species of beneficial insects, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds to our garden while repelling countless culprits.

What else have we learned? This blog contains a source list for seeds and supplies. We have picked up a little Latin and now know the difference and significance of the terms perennial, biennial, and annual. We have comprehensive sowing calendars, a substantial lesson in the use of growlights, and a brief but formidable introduction to container growing for those who lack garden space. If you intend to try your hand at growing some of your own food this season, you are set. So where shall we go from here?

In the weeks to come there will be many more discussions and here is a partial list:

Soil, Compost and Fertilizer

The Emergence Cycles of Insects

Safe and Homemade Insecticides and Repellents

Further Lessons on Plant Propagation

More Herbs for Beneficial Insects, Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds

Edible Flowers and Herbal Teas, Butters and Oils

And many more.

Please contact me if there is a garden subject you would be interested in discussing. I will gladly do the research and post it. Perhaps planting and harvesting according to lunar cycles? Just let me know.

I whole-heartedly encourage you to post some of your own experiences with gardening. This blog could become a People’s Almanac. And thank you, with all my heart, for your interest in my work.

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