Eyebright (Euphrasia)

Name: Euphrasia nemorosa

Toxicity: not known/ juice mildly narcotic

Common Name: Eyebright

Continent: Europe

Habitat: IV, VI, VII

Applicable Plant Components: herb, flower

Fortificational: herb

Psychical: herb

Pacificatory: herb

Theurgical: herb

Soporific: herb

Divinatory: herb

Affirmational: herb, flower

Anecdotal: Euphrasia can be challenging to grow because of its semi-parasitic nature requiring that it be grown in grass. The spirit within Euphrasia is invoked for severe loss and attrition of a personal sense of vision or the ability to see or perceive visions with clarity and strength. The same property extends to include the clarity of memories. The appropriate ritual tool to handling Euphrasia (made into tea) is a plume.

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