Fennel (Foeniculum)

Name: Foeniculum vulgare

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Fennel

Continent: Europe

Habitat: VII

Applicable Plant Components: seed, herb, root

Sanctificational: root

Invitatory: root

Fortificational: root

Psychical: seed

Harmonical: root, herb, seed

Pacificatory: root, herb, seed

Theurgical: seed

Prolongational: root, herb, seed

Amoristic: seed, herb

Protectant: seed, herb

Preserval: root, herb, seed

Plenitudinal: seed, herb

Plenarial: root

Divinatory: seed

Affirmational: seed

Resurgent: root, herb, seed

Anecdotal: Foeniculum is grown in gardens or hung in doorways for protection. The seed is carried for protection, as well. Foeniculum is the symbol of heroism because it promotes vigor, strength and courage. It is linked to abundance, longevity and stability. The spirit within Foeniculum is invoked to address spiritual pain and attrition of spiritual direction or energy related to genetous experiences. This property extends to include exorcising malevolent spirits that are suspected of stealing ones sense of vision or clarity regarding ritual expression. Foeniculum is deeply rooted in women’s medicine, associated with sacred cycles, and ritual or circumstantial birth, death and rebirth. Wreaths of Foeniculum are worn during ceremonies pertaining to the issues mentioned.

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