Firewort (Hypericum)

Name: HYPERICUM spp.

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Firewort, St. John’s Wort

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: many diverse species

Applicable Plant Components: herb, flower, root, bark

Sanctificational: herb, flower

Convocational: root

Fortificational: herb, flower

Desistant: herb, flower

Harmonical: herb, flower

Pacificatory: root, bark

Reconciliatory: root, bark

Reversional: herb, flower

Theurgical: herb, flower

Amoristic: herb, flower

Vulnerary: herb, flower, root

Plenitudinal: herb, flower

Plenarial: herb, flower

Ecstatic: herb, flower, root

Divinatory: herb, flower

Affixal: root

Resurgent: herb, flower, root

Anecdotal: Hypericum is restorative medicine for spiritual pain that has led to deep melancholy and the complete loss of any interest or energy for life. Most everyone knows Hypericum for its value in these areas but not everyone knows that some believe it restores strength when floated in bath water. Not surprising, Hypericum is rebirth medicine restoring the harmony within ones own sacred cycles. Hypericum can be hung in doorways and tied into medicine bundles to drive out malevolent spirits. This is true of its smudge and steam, as well as garlands braided from it and worn. It sets up shields of protection against malevolent spirits apparently under any and all circumstances. Standing on a bundle of Hypericum at sunset catapults journeys into other worlds that last until sunrise.

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