Gentian (Gentiana)

Name: GENTIANA spp.

Toxicity: not known

Common Names: Bitteroot, Gentian

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: VII, alkaline range

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb

Invitatory: root

Fortificational: root

Psychical: root, herb

Harmonical: root

Pacificatory: root, herb

Reconciliatory: root, herb

Theurgical: root, herb

Transmutational: root

Protectant: root

Tutelary: root, herb

Vulnerary: root, herb

Sanguinary: root, herb

Plenitudinal: root

Plenarial: herb

Divinatory: root, herb

Affirmational: herb, root

Resurgent: root

Anecdotal: The spirit within Gentiana is invoked to address spiritual pain that has severely compromised self-expression. The same pain can cause debility and weakness, preventing one from moving with strength and clarity in life. It is a formidable incarnant for resolving endopsychic wounds that impair ones sense of vision and appetite for life. This property extends to include exorcising malevolent spirits suspected of interfering with strength, bringing comfort to the heart and re-empowering energy. Gentiana is deeply associated with harmony and sacred cycles, encouraging the observation to them as a means of managing energy appropriately. It affords protection to travelers against injuries as well as inadvertently choosing dangerous or haunted resting spots.

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