Have a Safe and Sacred Solstice

“I was grateful that neither the wind nor the cold would be challenging, and we set our pace to the harmonic beauty that surrounded us. Before long we were well away from the village and entombed in the profound silence that attended peaceful, falling snow. Occasionally, the quiet was punctuated by the river’s song. Creatures rustled in the underbrush, now softened and insulated beneath several inches of snow. Everything appeared as though it in had been coated with a thick layer of glowing, white wax. There wasn’t a breath of air, and no breeze disturbed a single snowflake from the place where it had come to rest. Every now and then the sharp pop of a breaking branch drew our attention to the spirits that intently watched our passage through their habitats. Giant oaks, pines, and birches towered over us. Each was dressed in the sparkling finery of snow. The gorge was utterly enchanting, glowing in the twilight; a ravine that saw little sunlight even after the leaves had fallen in the Winter Wait.”

Excerpt from Ancestral Airs: The Lifegivers

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