Hawkweed (Hieracium)

Name: HIERACIUM spp.

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Hawkweed

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: II, III

Applicable Plant Components: herb, root, flower

Sanctificational: herb

Convocational: herb

Psychical: herb

Desistant: herb

Harmonical: herb, root

Pacificatory: herb

Reconciliatory: herb

Vulnerary: root

Providential: herb, root

Plenitudinal: root

Ensurant: flower, root

Soporific: herb

Affixal: herb

Anecdotal: The spirit within Hieracium is invoked to address spiritual pain related to genetous experiences that have impaired personal shields, self-expression or caused the loss of spiritual direction. It resolves the resulting endopsychic wounds and restores identity, peacefulness, productive rest and harmonious balance with the world at large. It is a powerful lure when hunting ones personal medicine, attracting beneficent spirits that support rebirth into new, empowered lives. Hieracium is good luck medicine in general and carried as a charm.

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