Hawthorn (Crataegus)

Name: CRATAEGUS spp.

Toxicity: considered toxic

C. laerigata (Quickset, Whitethorn, Midland Hawthorn)

C. monogyna (Hawthorn)

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: I

Applicable Plant Components: flower, fruit, bark, root, spine

Sanctificational: flower, fruit

Invitatory: fruit

Psychical: flower, fruit

Desistant: bark, root

Harmonical: flower, fruit

Pacificatory: herb

Reconciliatory: herb

Theurgical: fruit

Prolongational: fruit

Amoristic: bark, root

Protectant: fruit

Tutelary: fruit

Preserval: fruit

Vulnerary: spine

Plenitudinal: fruit, bark, root

Plenarial: fruit

Ensurant: spine, bark

Divinatory: bark

Affixal: root, herb

Affirmational: flower, fruit

Resurgent: bark, root

Anecdotal: Crataegus exorcises malevolent spirits and mends broken hearts. Wearing a wreath of Crataegus signifies ones sexual willingness to onlookers in fertility rituals. It protects against lightning and guards holy springs. Tying treasured cloth to branches is an appropriate offering made at these springs on the Crataegus that grows near them. Crataegus bark is burned to attract one’s quarry, is a symbol of hope and engaged in casting spells. The dew that forms on Crataegus is believed to create everlasting beauty. The thorns are used in tattooing and as sewing needles stout enough to sew with sinew. The fruit is considered both Bear and Deer Medicine. Crataegus wood, used for digging sticks, is the choice for perpetual fires. The hottest burning wood known, hotter than oak, is hot enough to melt iron without the aid of blast. As a gateway marker, Crataegus opens and closes entries into other realms and is a favored place under which spirits dance. It is profoundly tied to cyclical balance and affords tremendous protection in magic associated with the hunt for enlightenment. The spirit within Crataegus is invoked to address spiritual pain related to genetous or distant experiences that caused a broken heart, impaired self-expression or injured the spirit.

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