Holly (Ilex)

Name: Ilex aquifolium

Toxicity: considered toxic

Common Name: Holly

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: I

Applicable Plant Components: herb, bark, root, fruit, wood, cambium

Sanctificational: herb, bark

Invitatory: fruit

Convocational: herb

Desistant: fruit

Harmonical: herb

Pacificatory: root, herb, fruit

Reconciliatory: root, herb, fruit

Reversional: bark, herb

Theurgical: bark

Amoristic: herb

Protectant: wood

Vulnerary: bark, herb

Plenitudinal: fruit

Plenarial: wood, root

Ensurant: wood

Ecstatic: bark

Divinatory: bark

Affixal: bark, wood

Affirmational: bark, herb, cambium

Resurgent: fruit, herb

Anecdotal: Ilex is associated with balancing direct action with sound judgement. It is linked to accepting reality while affording energy and direction for problems hovering on the horizon, creating power in the moment. As a wisdom keeper, Ilex promotes concepts of freedom and equality based on patient teaching and not authoritarian intimidation. It is believed that Ilex grows in the footsteps of sacrificial sons. Long wed to the ritual of winter solstice and divine marriage holly represents female cyclical blood and birth, balancing the mistletoe (Viscum album) as the male agent of semen and death. Powerful wands, spears and shafts can be rendered from its wood. Ilex berries are Bird Medicine and the leaves are Deer, Bull and Ram Medicine. It affords inordinate protection against lightning and malevolent spirits. As an agent of divination Ilex directly pertains to the profoundly difficult challenges in life that require courage and vigor to achieve success. A violent toxin Ilex is never the less used in sanctifying rituals that include attaining the potency and drive needed in hunts for personal medicine. Relevant areas might be self-expression, personal shields of protection, strength and seeking visions or direction from ancestors or benevolent spirits. Ilex is an agent of ecstasy and solitude, believed capable of forging bonds between individuals including mothers and children. It is impossible to know how long Ilex has been brought into homes for its astounding spiritual attributes now relegated to seasonal decorations, no longer remembered as one of the pillars of winter solstice and an amazing diverse spirit.

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