Introduction to Ritual Plant Medicine

I won’t kid you; learning ritual plant medicine is daunting and requires at least one lifetime to learn. I doubt it could ever be mastered.
I studied thousands of plants indigenous to the British Isles and of those thousands I found about 420 that had ritual implications. It then required a decade or two to first devise a system of properties and then determine which plant component (flower, herb, seed, root, etc.) best suited a given property. All of this research is catalogued in The Compendium for Spirit Handling, a work that includes the approximate 420 plants mentioned and their thousands of unique properties.

In this blog I will introduce the 30 properties included in the system I devised. I will cite a randomly selected plant species as an example and include its entry from The Compendium. Most entries have numerous properties and you will be able to note both the properties and the appropriate plant components.  A devoted practitioner not only knows the properties and the suitable plants but she also knows which plant component manifests that particular property. It is not enough to simply know only the plant in general. A practitioner also must know the plant’s spirit and disposition in order to select a species specific to the intent of the ritual she has in mind. I have included the Anecdotal entry from The Compendium of the plants I will cite as an example of the property discussion. But please keep in mind that the examples cited are only one of the hundreds cataloged in The Compendium.

And there is something else to consider: growing a collection of plants suitable to ritual purposes. Another blog called Spirit Gardens provides introductory habitat material for an ecologically harmonious garden. Plant lists are included for numerous habitats that include all 30 properties.

If you know nothing about gardening and are intimidated by the prospect of gardening but want to learn, I have another blog called Companion Planting: Bio Diverse Container Gardens. Although it is a blog about growing your own food you will find basic lessons about soil, starting plants from seed, sources for books and supplies, and dozens of other topics that illustrate that regardless of your circumstances anyone can grow a garden.

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