Judith Story (“T’ai Shan Oriental Medicine”) Reviews Ancestral Airs!

5.0 out of 5 stars Return to the Pure Lands, February 17, 2009

When you finally have the desire to return to the ancient land of your true origin this is the book to read. If you loved Spell of the Sensuous and have a yen for travel to the farther shores buy this right away. Verda Smedley’s book, a result of over 30 years scientific research (anthropology, ethnobotany, geology, physics, archeology, mythology, migration theory) and personal experience, creates another realm of consciousness that we have lost sight of. Written from both male and female medicine practitioners points of view her otherworldly style addicts us quickly. We dream of another way in the evening after reading and apply the lessons subconsciously the next day and the days after that. We journey to an open gate once passed by and enter into a magical kingdom of possibilites beyond our dreams, where the sacred sanctuary is sound, where the circle is complete. This is a rare gift to the world. Don’t miss it.

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Responses to “Judith Story (“T’ai Shan Oriental Medicine”) Reviews Ancestral Airs!”

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