Letters to the Unborn: Embark on the Journey May 1

Letters to the Unborn is a diary that chronicles the journey through a long ritual for the moon. It recognizes the moon’s eighteen and half year journey, and requires months of preparation. We no longer observe rituals of such magnitude but Letters to the Unborn provides you the opportunity to be a part of one.

Rather than chapter numbers I have provided the dates on which the entry should be read, beginning with May 1. If you follow the journey you will experience how months of preparation culminate when a ritual commences. I highly recommend that you read the entries on the dates provided. If you do you are in for a treat, a genuine firsthand experience of the challenges and aspirations of a hunter-gatherer culture that knows that its time is passing into myth.

On May 1 just click on Letters to the Unborn in the main menu and have a fabulous summer journey.

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