Linden (Tilia)

Name: TILIA spp.

Toxicity: not known

T. cordata (Linden, Lime)   Continent: Europe   Habitat:IV

T. platyphyllos (Linden, Lime)   Continent: Europe   Habitat:IV

T. x europaea (Linden, Lime)   Continent: Europe   Habitat:IV

Applicable Plant Components: herb, bark, twig, shoot, flower, root, bud, branch, wood (charcoal), sap, cambium

Sanctificational: bark

Invitatory: shoot

Fortificational: shoot

Desistant: bark, root

Pacificatory: sap

Reconciliatory: twig, herb

Theurgical: shoot, flower

Prolongational: flower

Amoristic: branch

Preserval: twig, root

Vulnerary: bark, charcoal, herb

Sanguinary: flower

Plenitudinal: bark, flower

Plenarial: bark

Ensurant: cambium

Soporific: flower

Divinatory: herb

Affixal: cambium

Affirmational: herb

Resurgent: bark, herb, bud, twig

Anecdotal: Tilia can be rendered into baskets, mats, fishnets, thread, snowshoe webbing and medicine bags.  Bark that has been soaked in water can be used to tie up lodges. The wet bark tightens when it dries. Tilia wood can be used for carving and sounding boards. It distinguishes itself because of its association with the language and behavior of animals. It is therefore easily understood that Tilia is entreated for the knowledge needed for shape shifting. Included in its attributes is the comprehension of trickster medicine, the magical handling of flowers and their aromas, and the foreknowledge of prophets. Tilia affords immeasurable access to other worlds where one can find the enlightenment sought. Tilia is Raven Medicine as well as Bird Medicine in general. Its most potent source of power can be found in the bark of a lightning struck tree. This bark as well as its flowers address anxiety in matters of the heart. Tilia promotes productive rest. It is also empowerment medicine that supports the transition to safe rebirth into a new life. Tilia bolsters protective shields, enhances visions and heals breaks in relationships. The spirit within Tilia is invoked to exorcise malevolent, parasitic spirits. These spirits can destroy expression, tap ones strength and personal power as well as cause dangerous attrition of spiritual energy. Tilia resolves the related endopsychic wounds and fosters a willingness to move forward out of ones previous inability to do so.

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