Meadowsweet (Filipendula)


Toxicity: not known

F. vulgaris (Dropwort)               Habitat: VI

F. ulmaria (Meadowsweet)       Habitat: V

Continent: Eurasia

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, flower

Sanctificational: herb

Harmonical: herb

Pacificatory: root, herb

Prolongational: root, herb

Amoristic: root, herb

Vulnerary: herb, flower

Sanguinary: herb, flower

Plenitudinal: herb

Soporific: herb

Ecstatic: herb

Affixal: herb, root

Resurgent: flower, herb

Anecdotal: Filipendula is an ingredient in Lustral Water, a holy, divinatory water, with Mentha aquatica and Verbena officinalis. It is Bear, Deer and Hare Medicine. Filipendula is strewn at weddings or tied up into bridal bouquets to delight the spirit. It can also be scattered in the home to keep it peaceful. Filipendula is powerful medicine in matters of the heart. It can be found in medicine bags as well as placed on altars for casting love spells or soothing unrequited love. The spirit within Filipendula is invoked to address deep spiritual pain related to love issues and subsequent losses of self-expression or personal shields. It should be noted that this love medicine includes family, community and the love of ancient wisdom.

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