Mushroom (Psilocybe and Panaeolus)

Name: Psilocybe & Panaeolus

             Psilocybe semilanceata

             Psilocybe montana

             Psilocybe coprophila

             Panaeolus fornisicii

Toxicity: Considerd toxic

Common Name: Mushroom

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: VI

Applicable Component: mushroom


Anecdotal: I would be hard pressed to bring more information about Psilocybe than isn’t already known. Its hallucinogenic properties are widely revered in rituals, divinations and vision quests. Psilocybe is surprisingly easy to find. It grows comfortably among the blades of uncut, early summer grass. But do keep in mind that Psilocybe is regarded as a poisonous toxin. There are many varieties as well and only astute practitioners can discern the differences. I read somewhere that early European monks had an appetite for Psilocybe and stored freshly harvested mushrooms in jars of honey.

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