Nettle (Urtica)

Name: URTICA spp.

Toxicity: considered toxic

U. dioica (Nettle) Continent: Eurasia Habitat: V

U. urens (Nettle)  Continent: Europe  Habitat: IV, VI

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, shoot

Sanctificational: root, herb

Invitatory: herb

Convocational: herb

Fortificational: root, herb

Psychical: herb

Desistant: herb

Harmonical: root

Pacificatory: root, herb

Reconciliatory: root, herb

Theurgical: herb

Amoristic: herb

Protectant: shoot

Preserval: herb

Vulnerary: root, herb

Sanguinary: herb

Providential: herb

Plenitudinal: herb

Plenarial: herb

Ensurant: herb

Soporific: herb

Affixal: herb

Resurgent: root

Anecdotal: Urtica can be rendered into baskets, bags, nets, bow strings, snowshoes as well as fine sewing thread. It can be woven into fabric believed far finer than linen. Urtica is deeply tied to affection and fidelity. It insures sanctity and alertness during ceremonies. Urtica is handled in rituals when doctoring severe poisoning of the spirit, accompanied by songs and chants. Dreams are believed enhanced, even procured with Urtica regarding future encounters with desirable teachers. It affords inordinate protection during quests fraught with danger, where ones luck or even ones life can take a turn in an instance. Such risks can originate from both the biological and spiritual worlds. Urtica is the medicine that can guard against illness and restore personal power. The spirit within Urtica is invoked to address the spiritual pain of a broken spirit. This can lead to a complete breakdown of expression, attrition of spiritual energy and loss of personal shields of protection. Urtica remedies related endopsychic wounds. It is facilitating medicine that both prompts and eases rebirth into new lives.

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