Northern Earth reviews Ancestral Airs…Again!!!

NORTHERN EARTH   Issue 129   Spring 2012

 Ancestral Airs. One of the most remarkable books we have reviewed in Northern Earth over the years (see NE119)is, in book form, a thick and heavy tome retailing at $28; and being a US publication is pretty expensive for overseas orders. Perfect, therefore, for an e-book edition!

To abridge my earlier review here: This book is extraordinary – never clear whether it is a stream-of-consciousness novel, or some transmitted treatise from an ancient mind, it is a challenging read. Positively so; the use of language enhances a dream-like unreality – appropriate, for the core story is of a two-way link between individuals 6000 years apart; an American woman in mid-life crisis at the turn of the millennium and a psychopomp shaman in Mesolithic Britain, while also packed with details of ritual and herbalism. This visionary construction steeps the reader in a state of otherness and an animist world-view so all-encompassing and alien to modern minds that it is actually hard to see it as just a work of imagination. [John Billingsley]

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