Oak (Quercus)

Name: QUERCUS spp.

Toxicity: not known

Q. robur (Pedunculate Oak)

Q. petraea (Sessile Oak)

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: I

Applicable Plant Components: herb, bark, root, gall, acorn, cambium, pitch, wood

 Sanctificational: herb, bark

Invitatory: acorn

Convocational: bark

Fortificational: bark

Psychical: root, bark, herb, gall

Desistant: acorn, bark, herb, root

Harmonical: bark, herb

Pacificatory: root, bark

Reconciliatory: root, bark

Reversional: cambium

Theurgical: acorn, bark, cambium, wood ash

Prolongational: cambium

Amoristic: acorn

Protectant: root, acorn

Preserval: bark

Vulnerary: herb, pitch, acorn ash

Plenitudinal: ash, bark

Plenarial: acorn, wood

Ensurant: acorn

Ecstatic: bark, herb

Divinatory: acorn

Affixal: root, cambium, bark

Resurgent: root, acorn, bark

Anecdotal: Quercus can be rendered into baskets, mats, drums, drumsticks, wands, and digging sticks for ritual harvest of plants. The bark, wood and wood ash are boiled into paint. Quercus bark and galls are used in tanning; the same components and others go to uncountable dyes. In ritual solstice combat with Ilex (holly), Quercus is the keeper of winter to summer and Ilex the keeper of summer to winter. The tree is sanctified and burned at midsummer to fuel the sun and the ashes are spread in fields to empower new growth. Smoldering Quercus coals are carried from house to house, exorcising and blessing the dwellings in the new season. The acorn is a tantric symbol, the cap is female and the kernel is male, linking it to fertility and Creation. Foliage is braided into crowns and worn by ritual lovers, fostering the fertility of the Earth. Quercus groves are  regarded as feminine and are therefore temples. All lodges are regarded as feminine (wombs) and Quercus support posts are considered the male element in women’s lodges, referred to as Oak Houses. As a musical instrument acorns are strung and slid across one’s teeth. Because of its inflexibility Quercus is not regarded as a symbol of strength but is instead a symbol of endurance. It promotes the courage to exceed one’s perceived inability, guards against the limits of logic and fuels the energy needed for achievement. As the sacred first food of mankind the acorn is the symbol of security and abundance, left at gravesites for ancestral feasts. Quercus counteracts loneliness and guards against lightning. It is the keeper of lineage and history, entreated for resolution of issues with the historic knowledge it safeguards. It is believed that the forces of Creation are concentrated in Quercus. Quercus is linked to expansiveness while standing as a boundary or gateway marker to the spirit world. As a sign, when Quercus comes into leaf before Fraxinus (ash) harvest will be abundant. The extraordinary scope of Quercus makes it easy to understand why the entire range of components were handled in rituals that included prophesying, divination, spirit handling, ancestral invocation, perhaps anything for which one could imagine a need. Quercus enhanced sexual potency as well as sacred songs. It is an abode of the spirit of protection, a keeper of the details of sacred cycles and history, and a guardian of rebirth. Every bow and arrow, mortar and pestle, lodge and cradle that is created with Quercus is imbued with its power.

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