Orach (Atriplex)

Name: ATRIPLEX spp.

Toxicity: considered toxic

Common Name: Orach

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: VII

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, flower

Sanctificational: root, herb

Invitatory: herb

Convocational: herb

Fortificational: herb

Psychical: herb

Pacificatory: herb

Reconciliatory: root, herb

Theurgical: herb

Vulnerary: root, herb

Plenitudinal: root

Ensurant: herb

Affirmational: herb, flower

Anecdotal: The spirit within Atriplex is invoked to address spiritual pain related to subjective, genetous or distant experiences. It is a formidable incarnant for reconciling endopsychic wounds that cause the loss of songs or conveying ideas. Smudge or steam resolves attrition or loss of spiritual direction or energy. Atriplex enhances the hunt for ones personal medicine. It can be tied up with plumes into prayer sticks or rendered into a purifying wash for baskets and tools. Atriplex can also be used to dye buckskin.

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