Periwinkle (Vinca)

Name: VINCA spp.

Toxicity: not known

V. minor (Lesser Periwinkle)

V. major (greater Periwinkle, Joy of the Ground, Myrtle)

Continent: Europe

Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: flower, herb

Sanctificational: flower

Psychical: herb

Desistant: herb

Harmonical: herb

Pacificatory: herb

Theurgical: herb, flower

Amoristic: flower

Protectant: herb, flower

Vulnerary: herb, flower

Providential: herb

Plenitudinal: herb

Ecstatic: herb

Affixal: herb

Anecdotal: Vinca is associated with prosperity and enhances one’s acceptability, grace and personal shields. I found it a curious creature, tied to birth love and death. Garlands of Vinca were once placed around the necks of departed children even as its flowers went into love charms and sachets. Vinca is a gentle, vernal equinox medicine that wields inordinate power. It is highly exorcismal against the spirits, predatory and malevolent, that cause fear, terror, nightmares, envy and illness. It remedies possession, nervous debility, spiritual pain and attrition, as well as the loss of self-expression. Vinca not only reconciles the endopsychic wounds but it sets up an impenetrable barrier against their return. In the same breath it eradicates the barriers standing between an individual and spiritual sanctity. Restoration then leads to personal empowerment.

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