Pine (Pinus)

Name: Pinus sylvestris

Toxicity: not known

Common Names: Pine, Scot’s Pine

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: I

Applicable Plant Components: pitch, herb, seed, wood, cambium, bud, bark, branch

Sanctificational: pitch, wood, herb

Invitatory: herb, wood

Convocational: cambium, bark

Fortificational: herb

Psychical: pitch, bud

Desistant: cambium

Harmonical: bark

Pacificatory: herb, wood, bark

Reconciliatory: herb, wood, bark

Reversional: pitch

Theurgical: herb, pitch, ashes

Prolongational: pitch

Amoristic: pitch

Protectant: herb

Tutelary: herb

Preserval: pitch, wood, bark

Vulnerary: herb, pitch

Sanguinary: herb, pitch

Providential: herb

Plenitudinal: bud, pitch

Plenarial: pitch

Ensurant: wood

Soporific: pitch, herb

Ecstatic: pitch, herb

Divinatory: seed

Affixal: bark, pitch

Affirmational: pitch, buds

Resurgent: seed

Anecdotal: In the area of affecting weather pinecones are burned to stop rain. Wood floated in a dish of water as well as branches smoldered on a fire or tied onto prayer sticks promotes it. Components harvested from lightning struck tree are particularly valued. Pinus is used to smoke hides, is woven into baskets, rendered into tattooing soot, made into drums, pokers, wands and prayer sticks. The pitch when mixed with white gypsum is used as paint. The same pitch holds plumes onto the body, is used as eyes in masks, applied to ones head for protection, and used in whistles and flutes to modulate the sound that they produce. Pitch can be simmered, then entreated for sanctification, longevity and youthfulness as well as by women who wish to move their lives away from childbearing. It can also be burned as smudge, as can its branches for some of the same reasons. Pinus is deeply associated with lightning and illumination. It enhances underlying determination for clarity of purpose, understanding and wisdom. Pinus is an Earth energy marker and entreated for protection against lightning and malevolent spirits. Branches with needles can be spread in ritual lodges to insure that malevolent spirits don’t ruin or corrupt the medicine. Smudging with Pinus on both equinoxes is believed to prevent the spirit of illness from getting hold of ones life. Pinus has its place within the cycle of birth and death. The smoke of resin sanctifies people and their possessions after funerals. This is particularly appropriate to the possessions of the deceased when they are to be given away or kept for safekeeping. Its spirit is invoked in the spring to purge away ones inability to stop thinking about a lost loved one. On the other hand heated needles and pine nuts are linked to safe and peaceful, even celebratory passages into new lives. This extends to include washing those who are ill or fragile in pine needle baths. This fortuitous spirit is also tied to abundance as well. Pinus doesn’t lack its ritual spirit handling attributes either. Its spirit can be invoked to address spiritual pain that has severely impaired self-expression, ones sense of vision or personal shields of protection. Pinus can draw out malevolent spirits as well as reconcile endopsychic wounds related to all the issues mentioned, as well as matters of the heart.

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