Poplar (Populus)

Name: POPULUS spp.

Toxicity: not known

P. canescens (Gray Poplar)

P. nigra (Black Poplar)

P. tremula (European Aspen)

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: cambium, pitch, herb, bark, root,catkin, seed

Sanctificational: cambium, pitch, herb, bark

Invitatory: bark, root

Convocational: bark, root

Fortificational: bark, root

Psychical: bark, pitch, cambium

Desistant: root

Harmonical: cambium

Pacificatory: bark, herb

Reconciliatory: bark, herb

Reversional: bark

Theurgical: herb

Transmutational: bark

Prolongational: root, catkin

Amoristic: herb

Protectant: herb

Tutelary: herb

Preserval: herb

Vulnerary: pitch, cambium, root

Sanguinary: pitch

Plenitudinal: bud

Plenarial: herb

Ensurant: pitch

Divinatory: herb

Affixal: seed

Resurgent: cambium, root, bark, seed

Anecdotal: Populus is rendered into baskets, fishnets, paint, vessels, cradles, fire drills (root), spears, lodges, prayer sticks, drums and wands. It is used to smoke hides. Populus can be rendered into glue to attach feathers to arrows as well as brewed into dye for plumes. The pitch is mixed with charcoal for tattooing soot and the coals are used to light ritual pipes. Should one observe Populus leaves trembling or shimmering on a still day it is a sign that inclement weather is approaching. It is Bear and Moose Medicine. Populus enhances practitioners’ ability to perceive subtle causes of illness or other pressing problems. It facilitates the collective power in ritual and compassionate expression. As a symbol of hope Populus empowers resolve and fortitude. It stands as the marker for autumnal equinox and is therefore formidable medicine for elders. It is unsurpassed as love medicine that enhances relationships or brings peace to unrequited love. Populus affords inordinate protection against malevolent spirits when used as a purifying wash for practitioners’ tools and bodies, transitions into adulthood, the gear and tokens taken on hunts for personal medicine, and individuals in general. The same wash is believed effective against predatory spirits as well by the means of concealing ones scent. Populus restores harmony within sacred cycles. It secures safe birth/rebirth into new and different lives. The spirit within Populus is invoked to repel parasitic spirits that have stolen ones sense of vision, self-expression and spiritual direction. It seals up attrition of energy, repairs breeches in the spirit and reconciles endopsychic wounds. By doing so balance and wellness are restored and debility dissipates.

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