Poppy (Papaver)

Name: PAPAVER spp.

Toxicity: considered toxic

P. rhoeas (Common Poppy)    Continent: Eurasia       Habitat: VI

P. dubium (Long Headed P.)  Continent: Eurasia       Habitat: VI

P. argemone (Prickly P.)          Continent: Europe        Habitat: VI

Applicable Plant Components: flower, seed, stem, resin

Sanctificational: seed

Invitatory: seed

Pacificatory: flower, seed

Theurgical: seed

Amoristic: seed

Vulnerary: stem, seed

Providential: seed

Soporific: seed

Ecstatic: seed

Divinatory: seed

Affirmational: seed, resin

Resurgent: seed

Anecdotal: Papaver seed is medicine for invisibility and love. It is carried, mixed in sachet and placed under pillows to promote answers in dreams. The leaf ash has been used for tattooing soot. Papaver can be rendered into yellow dye for arrows. It can be entreated in rituals for fertility, good luck and prosperity. Papaver is valued as well for its ability to repel malevolent spirits. The spirit within Papaver is invoked to address spiritual pain. The stems and seeds are used to resolve endopsychic wounds that have impaired shields of protection. The flowers and seed address issues of self-expression. The seed alone intervenes in matters associated with ones sense of vision and restores productive rest as well as the spirit of peacefulness.

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