Power Objects

Every object, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, holds an element of power. But objects, even if merely everyday objects can accumulate power as well. I often think about my grandmother’s spoon. My grandmother was blind by the time she was about twenty and yet everyday she cooked. Her spoon hung in a specific place next to her stove and she used it everyday. One side of that spoon is flat from daily stirring because of the way she held it. That spoon is utterly infused with the spirit of her life. And although she left long ago I can hold that spoon and see her life, listen to her words, and continue to learn from her wisdom. That is a power object.

I have now-old plumes and things I used in rituals long ago concluded. They were certainly powerful to begin with but now these plumes contain detailed memories of all the rituals of which they found themselves a part. I can re-live those rituals in detail every time I hold them. I can hear the songs and the prayers, smell the fire, and the perfume of the smudging herbs. That is a power object.

Don’t be fooled into buying what is sold as a power object. It is not. Wait for one to come your way, wait until you have earned one. The seemingly insignificant pebble you might have picked up along the way and finds itself in your pocket all the time has more power than anything you could buy. That simple, little stone has become the repositiory of your life, your thoughts, your dreams, your spirit. That is a power object.

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Responses to “Power Objects”

  1. I also have several power objects that have found their way to me over the years – none bought. I have many stones which I have carried for years in my pockets – now polished to a smooth sheen – one especially became my worry stone – in rubbing this stone for years on end it is now a flat piece with my thumb print embedded in it – it has taken many worries away and I carry it to this day – 40 years of my worries have been erased by it – I gain strength knowing I have this stone to release any worries that come my way – what a blessing it has been and continues to be.

    • Its a little sad to me that people are compelled to buy things, or worse steal artifacts or fuel the poaching industry with some need for plumes and bones. Your little stone must rock n’ roll.

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