Primrose (Primula)

Name: PRIMULA spp.

Toxicity: considered toxic

P. elatior (Oxlip)    Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: IV

P. farinosa (Bird’s Eye Primrose)    Continent: Europe    Habitat: V

P. scotica (Scottish Primrose)    Continent: Europe    Habitat: IV, VII

P. veris (Cowslip)    Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: IV, VI

P. vulgaris (Primrose)    Continent: Europe    Habitat: IV, VI

Applicable Plant Components: root, flower, herb

Fortificational: flower

Pacificatory: root, flower

Vulnerary: herb, flower

Sanguinary: root

Plenarial: root

Ecstatic: flower

Divinatory: flower

Anecdotal: Primula flowers are associated with ancestral memory, personal power and beauty. It restores strength, confidence, productive rest and shields of protection. Primula has a way of drawing distinction between apparitions and true visions of benevolent Earth spirits. It is particularly valued for resolving internalized, spiritual pain that has led to nervous distress. Then it reconciles associated endopsychic wounds.

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