“….The tenure of her life had not been good to her nor to anyone she had ever known; they ascending from infinite numbers whose spirits had been repeatedly broken. The brutality born out of relentless conflict had spread from open vehemence to secret horrors shrouded in sleeping chambers. Women and children had become the targets of unimaginable aberrance as men acted out the violence unleashed from their blood. Executed or exiled to servitude, Clan Female clandestinely polished its stamina.

“…..She rationalized that the pain could be outrun or hidden, just as her predecessors had done, and the dreamtime would keep her safe from the cruelty. Her spirit, camouflaged by the Infinite Present, could never be touched. But she had exploded into the midst of her life. The blood of the oppressed was seeping into reality, first a trickle her and there, then bleeding profusely, unstoppably, from countless wounds. It was the hemorrhage of a thousand women who had come before her, and had waited in silence.”

Excerpts from Ancestral Airs

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