Rose Elder (Viburnum)

Name: VIBURNUM spp.

Toxicity: considered toxic

V. opulus (Rose Elder, Guelder Rose)

V. lantana (Wayfaring Tree)

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: IV, VI

Applicable Plant Components: bark, fruit, herb, twig, root,cambium

Sanctificational: bark, root, cambium

Convocational: bark, fruit, root

Fortificational: root

Psychical: fruit, herb, bark

Desistant: twig

Harmonical: root

Pacificatory: bark, fruit

Reconciliatory: bark, twig, herb

Reversional: bark, root

Theurgical: bark

Prolongational: bark, root

Amoristic: bark, root, herb

Tutelary: twig

Vulnerary: bark, herb

Sanguinary: bark

Plenitudinal: cambium

Plenarial: herb

Ensurant: bark

Divinatory: bark

Affirmational: bark

Affixal: cambium

Resurgent: bark, herb, root

Anecdotal: Viburnum can be woven into baskets. It is Bird Medicine that resolves the grief caused by malevolent spirits. Viburnum is very much female, handled when cyclical harmony has been severely disrupted and requires resetting. The spirit within Viburnum is invoked to address spiritual pain that has led to a vulnerability to psychic injury and a subsequent loss of personal expression. It wields a purgative nature in matters of the heart and the attrition of spiritual energy. Viburnum restores stability, inner peace and the ability to convey prayers carried in the breath.

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