Rose (Rosa)

Name: ROSA spp.

Toxicity: not known

R. arvensis (Field Rose)            Continent: Europe    Habitat: IV

R. spinosissima(Burnet Rose) Continent: Eurasia   Habitat: VII

R. stylosa                                      Continent: Europe    Habitat: alkaline

R. agrestis                                    Continent: Europe    Habitat: alkaline

R. eglanteria (Sweet Briar)       Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: VI

R. micrantha                                Continent: Europe    Habitat: VI

R. canina (Dog Rose)                 Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: alkaline

R. tomentosa                               Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: alkaline

R. villosa                                       Continent: Eurasia    Habitat: alkaline

Applicable Plant Components: bark, root, herb, stem, fruit, cambium, flower

Sanctificational: bark, root, herb

Invitatory: herb, stem, fruit

Convocational: herb, stem, fruit

Fortificational: cambium, herb

Psychical: root, fruit

Desistant: root

Harmonical: root

Pacificatory: root, fruit, flower, cambium

Reconciliatory: root, cambium, herb, fruit

Theurgical: root, bark, herb

Amoristic: flower, herb

Protectant: herb

Vulnerary: root, fruit

Sanguinary: root, fruit

Providential: herb

Plenitudinal: stem, flower, fruit

Plenarial: herb, fruit

Ensurant: herb

Divinatory: root, fruit, herb, bark

Affixal: root

Affirmational: root, fruit, herb, bark

Resurgent: root, twig, bark

Anecdotal: Rosa is a facilitator of tantric practices and it teaches that all confidences are held as sacred. Rosa is Bear Medicine. Its foliage can be rendered into a wash for practitioners’ tools. Other components go to pipe bowls and stems, basket rims, sewing needles, arrows, handles, nets, cradle hoops, necklaces, dye and brooms. The spirit within Rosa is invoked to address spiritual pain of a genetous nature that has impaired self-expression and ones sense of vision. When these issues are deep and profound, parasitic spirits are the suspected causes and require exorcism. After they are run off Rosa sets up a shield of protection that is repellent to them as well as negative influences from any source. Rosa is a strength maker, so much so it is handled to resolve the deepest of mental and spiritual disarray and remedies all associated endopsychic wounds. Amazingly the power of Rosa doesn’t end there but is one of the most widely invoked creatures of the trinity of birth, death and rebirth. It is clearly feminine by nature and handled during rituals concerning all of life’s cycles. Rosa is one of the greatest facilitators of birth and rebirth that there are, especially the challenging ones. Infants are given petal tea for strength and abundant lives. Sprigs are hung from cradles to protect babies. Further protection is available to adolescents and adults by placing leaves in shoes and cleansing ritual objects carried on quests for personal medicine. Rosa is handled in sweats as well. Its ritual use during ceremonies pertaining to death (and subsequent rebirth) is huge as well. Graves are purified before the empty vessels of the deceased are interred. Mourners sleep with Rosa until their grief has passed. Strewn inside and out Rosa protects the mourners against malevolent spirits attracted to the vulnerability of their travail. Finally there exists the connection between Rosa and women’s sexuality. Groves were once decorated with Rosa for women’s secret, sexual ceremonies on summer solstice, from which men were strictly excluded. In ancient times sexuality was sacred and preparations for rituals comprehensive. Sexual expression was believed to be the source of Creation that brought vitality and fertility to the Earth.

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