Rosebay (Rhododendron)

Name: Rhododendron ponticum

Toxicity: not known

Common Names: Rosebay, Snow Rose

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: I, III

Applicable Plant Components: herb, twig, wood, bark, bud

Psychical: bud

Pacificatory: herb, twig

Reconciliatory: herb, twig, wood ash

Prolongational: herb

Vulnerary: bud

Providential: herb

Plenitudinal: bark, bud

Resurgent: twig

Anecdotal: The wood of Rhododendron can be rendered into spoons and pipes. Wreathes of it are worn in the spring during fertility rituals and in other ceremonies pertaining to good luck. Dancing accompanied by burning foliage is believed to bring cold weather when warm weather persists uncannily into the blessings of winter, the season of dreams, reflection and rest. Rhododendron has long been regarded as the remedy for broken hearts and unrequited love. Its spirit is invoked if such issues have led to deep spiritual pain, the loss of expression or an unwillingness to advance into a new life. Rhododendron then heals up the wounded spirit.

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