Samphire (Inula)

Name: INULA spp.

Toxicity: not known

I. conyza (Spikenard)             Habitat: VI

I. crithmoides (Samphire)     Habitat: VII

Continent: Europe

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, flower

Sanctificational: root, herb

Convocational: root, herb

Fortificational: root

Psychical: root

Harmonical: root

Pacificatory: root, herb, flower

Reconciliatory: root, herb, flower

Theurgical: root

Prolongational: root

Amoristic: root

Protectant: root

Preserval: root, herb

Vulnerary: herb

Plenitudinal: root, flower

Resurgent: root

Anecdotal: The spirit within Inula is invoked to address spiritual pain that has impaired expression and led to weakness. It is a formidable incarnant for healing endopsychic wounds caused by obstructions and lack of vigor. Inula is linked to sacred cycles. Living in awareness of them creates exhilaration and promotes courage. It can be steamed or burned as smudge to enhance psychic ability. Inula is carried for protection as well as worn or mixed in sachets to attract love.

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