Summer Solstice

“The solstice ceremony marked the pinnacle point from which the year spiraled almost imperceptibly to the Winter Wait. The magic of the Life Givers rose to its astonishing essential and yielded to its natural passive flow. We were nothing without the sun, the river, and the blood of our people borne in our magnificent women. There were hundreds of bonfires spreading a warmth and security that permeated our villages, homes, beds, and hearts. In the grasslands torches bound together with nettle were lovingly placed in the fields and near the favored grazing spots of creatures that would give over their lives. Hills, rocks, and sacred places were anointed with copious amounts of holy oils sharing the abundance with the Mother who had brought us life…

The psalms born through the Consummate Artists played the heartstrings of all that we were. They moved us from measured intonation to dissolute fervor. We clung, cried, danced, prayed, and made love in inexhaustible joy. The women gathered in the last of the medicine plants, still vital with life but dying before us to the birth of the new cycle. As the sun reached for the horizon we stood in poignant stillness. I too waited for what could be my northern-most sunset.”

Excerpt: “Ancestral Airs”


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