The Sensuality of the Ancient Ones

At sixty, after giving birth to two children and having had my share of abdominal surgery, I have to say that this old gal bares a striking resemblance to a Venus figure. Lets face it, if the modern world had its way, I would be crying in my beer about it. The fact is I need only to turn to history to know that the attrition of age was once depicted as the very seat of wisdom and old women were the safekeepers of it.

Venus figures are many millennia older than the era to which I have devoted my life but they were compelling enough to deserve a mention in Ancestral Airs. I would like to share that passage with you as it speaks to my heartfelt sentiment.

“True beauty then was not measured by the condition of the vessel but by the contents of experience and wisdom. I need not speak too loudly when the Ancient Ones left us thousands of gems of evidence. Who hasn’t seen the figures depicting pendulous sacks of flesh left where breasts had filled repeatedly with the abundance of milk for newborns or once firm abdomens that hung in folds after innumerable pregnancies? Fleshy thighs and butts riddled with stretch marks and pocked with shifting flesh were worshipped as the manifestations of the Earth, our Mother. Isn’t it remarkable that no gorgeous young girl or virile male was depicted as god or goddess only the Crones played out from creating new life? Therein lay true beauty to which we are blinded by the distortions of the modern world. And in the end, amazingly, it is really up to the men. Women already understand its scope as the continuous conduit back to the moment of Creation. There was a time when men did too and I have seen it.”

There is much speculation about Venus figures being fertility charms but that begs exploration about the notion of fertility unto itself. Surely the experts would have to concede that devotion to fertility had nothing to do with conception, as there is simply no reason to believe ancient women had some mystical difficulty becoming pregnant. The true scramble for survival began once a child was born. There existed no greater impact on longevity than the fertility and abundance of our Earth for mother and child as well as their tribe.

Nothing is more evident or enticing than our ancestor’s penchant to wed the divinity of human sexuality to the fertility of our Earth. And I didn’t hesitate to include the beauty of it in my work.

“Even the most seemingly casual lovemaking was rooted deeply in the sanctity of Creation. Ritual sex was as abundant and purposeful as the air we breathed. Beyond spontaneity there was raucous matchmaking at the Showoff Dance. This led to orgiastic rituals depicting the vibrant desires of the animal kingdom. Then there were sumptuous spring ceremonies for which young girls deflowered themselves, or others renewed their virginity in sacred pools in order to participate. The world was filled with the echoes of love and the Earth responded with beauty and abundance. Fields were blessed with semen or secret unions between chosen men and women. Every phase of the moon was met with specific, sexual purpose to honor Creation, our Earth and cyclical imperative of life. We were a discreet people otherwise thrilled to shed our clothes, sparkle in our naked beauty and make sensual sacrament to our Mother, remaining always the holy instruments of Creation. Together men and women repeatedly drew back the Veil and plunged headlong into forever….
The energy was intensely virile and the air sizzled with a sexual charge. Spring was the season for explicit displays that promoted vitality and growth. The Earth was vibrant and so were we. Each village was alive with expositions of carnal delight. Countless couples donned the green and filled the woods with echoes of their bliss… It was spring and every orgiastic dance pleased our Earth and She exploded in repletion.”

If you at times lament the loss of your beautiful body I hope you are reassured by Venus figurines and the delicious sensuality of the Ancient Ones.

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Responses to “The Sensuality of the Ancient Ones”

  1. I never looked at it like this about Old age .. Thank you for your post .. It made me feel better today about my self .. Blessings Love and Light … Bella

    • Thank you, Bella. Its difficult to remember that 21st century stereotypes reflect little more than a blip on the historic timeline; its a history worth knowing. In countless cultures, ancient and otherwise, elder women have the last word. Their power has absolutely nothing to do with their appearance. Thank you for commenting. Its means a great deal to me.

  2. Jackie B. Steele March 4th, 2017 - 1:32 am

    Love this one