Wild Celery (Apium)

Name: APIUM spp.

Toxicity: not known

A. graveolens (Wild Celery)   Continent: North Temperate Zone   Habitat: VII

A. inundatum (Fool’s Watercress)   Continent: Europe   Habitat: V

A. nadiflorum (Lesser Marshwort)   Continent: Europe   Habitat: V

Applicable Plant Components: seed, herb, root

Sanctificational: seed

Invitatory: herb

Convocational: herb

Intensificational: seed

Psychical: seed

Harmonical: herb

Reconciliatory: herb

Reversional: herb

Theurgical: herb

Prolongational: herb, seed

Amoristic: herb, seed

Preserval: herb, seed

Vulnerary: herb

Plenitudinal: herb

Soporific: root with Scutellaria;  seed

Ecstatic: root, seed

Resurgent: herb, seed

Anecdotal: Apium seed placed under one’s pillow is believed to induce dreams. The seed or smudge combined with Iris root enhances psychic ability while the seed alone increases the concentration of the practitioner. Stalks with seed are believed to be powerful love medicine. Funeral wreathes are tied up with Apium to honor ancestors. Apium is tightly bound to harmonious cycles and abundance. It has been said that as an ingredient in flying potions Apium prevents dizziness. The spirit within Apium is invoked to address spiritual pain, broken hearts and endopsychic wounds.

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