Wild Daffodil (Narcissus)

Name: Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Toxicity: potentially deadly

Common Name: Narcissus, Wild Daffodil

Continent: Europe

Habitat: VI

Applicable Plant Components: root, flower

Sanctificational: root, flower

Pacificatory: flower

Reversional: root

Theurgical: root

Amoristic: root

Tutelary: root

Vulnerary: root, flower

Soporific: root

Ecstatic: root

Anecdotal: Narcissus, a virulent poison, is perhaps best handled as an aromatic. It is remarkably complex in its ability to both stimulate and sooth deep distress. It is tied to issues where expression and personal shields have been impaired, having properties believed capable of exorcising malevolent spirits suspected of being the cause.

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