Willow (Salix)

Name: SALIX spp.

Toxicity: not known

Common Name: Willow

Continent: North Temperate Zone

Habitat: many diverse species

Applicable Plant Components: root, herb, bark, cambium, wood

Sanctificational: root, herb, bark

Invitatory: bark

Convocational: twig strewn at winter solstice

Fortificational: root

Intensificational: wood

Psychical: cambium, root, herb

Desistant: bark, herb

Harmonical: bark

Pacificatory: cambium, root

Reconciliatory: branch, cambium, root

Reversional: herb

Theurgical: wood, herb, root, stem

Amoristic: cambium

Protectant: herb

Preserval: bark

Vulnerary: cambium, bark

Providential: herb, root, wood

Plenitudinal: herb, twig, root

Plenarial: stem, cambium

Ensurant: herb, root

Soporific: herb

Ecstatic: herb

Affixal: bark, cambium, root

Resurgent: branch

Anecdotal: Salix can be rendered into baskets, mats, staffs, prayer sticks, wreathes, wands, drums, drum sticks, whistles, clappers, fire drills and ritual black paint (charcoal). When laid at the perimeter of a ritual circle it will protect the participants. It heightens intuition, counteracts loneliness as well as supports fidelity and receptiveness, in the form of love charms. Salix balances tantric practices. It is handled to conjure the wind on hot days. The cyclical, nurturing aspect of Salix makes it distinctly female and companion magic to water. Its complex feminine nature also relates to dew, fog and moisture in general, believed responsible for the luminosity of the Moon. Here too is the link Salix enjoys with sacred cycles. As though in cahoots with the moon, the two hold the rhythm of the Universe in harmony. This faculty connects it to nurturing and abundance, as well as birth, death and rebirth. As a grave offering Salix affords protection, supporting the concepts of rebirth and immortality of the deceased. It brings comfort to those in mourning and helps them move into new and different lives. Salix, a keeper of wisdom draws all features of a relationship together into perfect balance. It is an instrument of divination as related to all the things mentioned. Salix offers an extraordinary range of protection. It guards against disease, lightning, malevolent spirits, injury from turbulent water and dangerous elements. In the world of spirit handling Salix stands guard over difficult apprenticeships, and protects against Fire and Wolf Medicines. It is good luck medicine when pursuing quests for knowledge. The spirit within Salix is invoked to address spiritual pain that has caused a severe attrition of spiritual energy or direction. It restores personal shields and heals the wounds of a broken spirit. It relates deeply to self-expression and sense of vision. Because Salix is so rooted in cyclical magic healing rituals must have a nurturing nature for the restoration of harmony in these areas. One of the ways to transform Salix into a talisman requires the collection of nine each of thin Salix stems, red yarn and green yarn, all of equal length. They are then braided into three identical hanks and knotted at the end. This is completed during the last quarter of the moon. For three days a hank is unbraided while one focuses on their objective. On new moon the red yarn is burned and the ashes are given to the wind. The Salix and the green yarn are coiled and secreted away.

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