Wormseed (Erysimum)

Name: Erysimum cheiranthoides

Toxicity: considered toxic

Common Names: Treacle Mustard, Wormseed

Continent: Europe

Habitat: VI

Applicable Plant Components: seed, herb, root, flower

Sanctificational: seed, herb

Pacificatory: root, herb, seed

Reconciliatory: root, herb, seed

Theurgical: seed

Preserval: herb

Vulnerary: root

Plenitudinal: flower

Resurgent: herb

Anecdotal: Erysimum is ritually entreated for conjuring rain. The flowers are rendered into yellow face paint. The spirit within Erysimum is invoked to address spiritual pain that causes the loss of personal shields. In spirit handling Erysimum resolves severe obstructions that compromise moving effectively into a new life including exorcising the malevolent spirits that might be responsible.

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