The Bards

(An excerpt from Ancestral Airs: The Life Givers)

The Badger woman, Tangle Root was first to step forward with her mate. Even entirely out of form I recognized him immediately as Glow Berry's tall, lanky cave dweller that had black skin and smoked a pipe. Hides-in-Holes had given us the predator-prey love medicine. His name in association with a Badger female became very funny.

Little Mouse, the Owl clan woman, re-introduced me to her consort Old Man Beard Lichen. The spirit revealed to us by Glitter Star was unrecognizable. Old Man Beard Lichen was unbelievably handsome.

Raven-that-Sings-at-Night was matched up with the graceful, effeminate creature Rosebay. Out of form Rosebay was exceedingly masculine and apparently lover enough for both Snow Rose and the Raven woman, epitomizing the eroticism shared by such a trio.

Moon Girl, Burnt Knife's sister enjoyed the house spirit that sported the stout belly, short legs, and big head. He sat in front of the Wolf clan woman Sky Blue Fire. His name I remembered was Fire Fox. Although a small man when not performing, tight, well-defined muscles replaced the huge roundness. The abnormal size of his head had been completely conjured.

Leaps-in-Light stood arm in arm with the Lynx woman, Splashing Star Rise. His skin was no longer dyed red nor were his buckskins. He had been the author of the holly mistletoe sacrament Moondog and I made. The realization made me first gasp and then grimace. Leaps-in-Light laughed, as did some of the others, while he handed back several tokens he had stolen from me that day. I hadn't missed them but knew immediately that they belonged to me.

Our last reunion was with Burning Grass, consort to the Eagle woman Laughing Moon. He had been the keeper of the basalt columns when first met in the other world. Even out of form he was a big man. Burning Grass mentioned to me that his lovely female companion back in the cave was actually quite male. I was shocked.