Yew (Taxus)

Name: Taxus baccata

Toxicity: considered toxic

Common Name: Yew

Continent: Eurasia

Habitat: IV

Applicable Plant Components: bark, herb, twig, wood

Sanctificational: bark, herb

Invitatory: herb

Convocational: bark

Fortificational: twig, herb

Intensificational: herb

Pacificatory: bark

Reconciliatory: herb, bark, twig

Reversional: herb

Theurgical: herb, bark

Prolongational: herb, bark

Protectant: wood, herb

Preserval: herb, bark

Vulnerary: herb, wood

Sanguinary: herb, wood

Plenitudinal: bark, twig, wood

Plenarial: bark, wood

Ensurant: herb, bark

Divinatory: wood

Resurgent: herb

Anecdotal: Who hasn’t heard of the legendary longbows made from Taxus? But it can also be made into drums, baskets, pipes, utensils, boxes, tools, implements, shafts, hafts, fish hooks, digging sticks, snowshoes, and sewing needles. Taxus wands are used to cast spells for knowledge. It is an ancestral agent associated with wisdom and the secrets contained in symbols. It is handled on winter solstice to aid the birth of the sun, making it a liaison between death and rebirth (resurrection and reincarnation), tying it to empowerment, hope and longevity. Its link to these elements supports personal evolution including spiritual releases and attitude adjustments that lead to appropriate changes in the course of ones life. Taxus affords inordinate protection during these types of challenging times. Groves of Taxus were regarded as sacred places for ritual and worship. Rolled into all of this is the awareness that Taxus contains the spirits of continuity, strength and clarity. It invokes dramatic change regarding forgotten lessons—keys to the spirit of progress. Any difficulty can be resolved by Taxus medicine. Provided ones approach is direct, Taxus places ones objectives within easy access. The air or breath of Taxus groves is believed to induce visions. Its link to eternity directs the deceased safely into new lives and brings relief to those mourning the loss of a loved one. Taxus is sanctifying empowerment medicine that strengthens and protects ones spirit. It is handled during initiations and other forms of rebirth, reinforcing protection against complications. It fortifies an inherent understanding of sacred cycles. The spirit within Taxus is invoked to address spiritual pain that has had a paralyzing effect on ones ability to move forward. It resolves associated endopsychic wounds, restores spiritual expression and stops the attrition of spiritual energy or comprehension of spiritual matters.

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